Cool Links

True Crime

All you need to know about Columbine From official police interviews, to the journals of Eric and Dylan. It covers everything, so you can make your own decision on just who where Eric and Dylan. Stop listening to second hand informaition. Get right to the source, and come up with your own conclusion. Stop being a fucking zombie.

Las Vegas shooting Nhilist I can only hope that when death comes for me, I can look it in the eye. Like this fucking mad lad.

TJ Lane "FUCK ALL OF YOU" Wacth TJ Lane in court wearing a shirt with "Killer" written on it. To his infamous words he spoke to the families of those he killed, these were the only words TJ would say at his court hearing. "The same hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory! Fuck all of you!"

Dylann Roof's Confession Listen to Dylann confessing to his crimes, I would recommend wearing headphones to watch the video

Dylann Roof's Website This was Dylann's Website he created called The Last Rhodesian

Documentary Kerch Shooter This is a short documentary on Vladislav Roslyakov who would sadly kill 19 people at a college in Crimea on the morning of October 17.

Human Beings I Respect

Johnny Lydon Tour of London Watch a very well spoken man give you a tour of where he grew up, and his thoughts on his beloved home land.

Iggy Pop Iggy Pop being interviewed on his opinions on this so called "punk rock"

Ari Up in London Ari Up, from The Slits. Speaking about her mission in life, sadly at this point Ari knew she had limited time. As cancer would sadly claim her life.

Johnny Thunders *Spanish* One of the only well done interviews Johnny was able to have.

Johnny Thunders - Nina Antonia Nina Antonia the writer behinf the autobriagraphy of Johnny Thunders. Antonia being interviewed on how she started to write autobiagraphy for artists and about "Johnny Thunders...In Cold Blood"

Bikini Kill Documentary Heres the story of Kathleen Hanna, and Bikini Kill and what they went through, and what they're message is through putting out music.

Billy Idol Interview 1984 Billy Idol talking about rock and roll, and about the young people. Dropping some knowlege on us.

Marilyn Manson "Blame" Marilyn Manson on his thoughts on blame, he is so intellgent.